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For OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (Tiger and Leopard)

ClamXav 1.1.1 with ClamAV 0.95.1 backend – 14th May 2009

Download for 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard (preferred) | mirror (26.8 MB)

This version of ClamXav is fully Universal which means that it will run on 10.4 and 10.5 on both PPC and Intel Macs.

Available in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Taiwanese.

Mac OS X Server: ClamXav will work on OS X 10.4 and 10.5 Server using the ClamAV engine as installed by Apple.
I know Apple lag behind slightly with their ClamAV engine distributions, but please do not install my bundled engine as I don’t know what repurcussions that will have. This document(not written by me) explains how to update your ClamAV engine installation on Server. It’s also worth noting that for OS X Server, updating of virus definitions has been disabled in both ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry as OS X Server takes care of this itself (settings via “Server”) and is much more efficient at it.

For OS X 10.3 (Panther)

ClamXav 1.1.1 with ClamAV 0.94.2 backend – 27th November 2008

Download for 10.3 Panther | mirror (22.9 MB) – Unsupported

Please note: My only computer capable of running OS X 10.3 has finally given up and refuses to power on. This means that I am unable to build and test the scanning engine for 10.3. Version 1.1.1 is still the current and most recent version of ClamXav, however, this is the last release I will make for 10.3 as the bundled engine is now obsolete and I have no way of updating it. Sorry.


Older version for OS X 10.2

Download ClamXav for OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) – version 0.8.7c (2.8 MB) – inlcudes engine version 0.75-1
Please note: This is the final version which will work with OS X 10.2. Any problems encountered with 0.8.7c were fixed in later releases and this version is now unsupported


Miscellaneous Extras

Engine Remover – unzip this and double click the clamavEngineREMOVER.command. After that, drag the ClamXav application to the trash. The uninstaller is also included on the ClamXav disk image.

These file is a .zip archive and was created with the “create archive” command in Mac OS X 10.4. To extract it, you can either use OS X’s built-in support or use a 3rd party utility such as the free Stuffit Expander which is available from Allume Systems

If you’re using Stuffit Expander and are having trouble extracting the archives, please ensure you have the most up-to-date version.


MD5 Checksums

MD5 checksums can be used to check the authenticity of files you download from this website. To use them, open the Terminal (which is inside the Utilities folder), type md5 followed by a space and then drag into the terminal window the file you downloaded, hit return and verify that the number returned to you is the same as the one here.

Note, this will not work if you decompress the archive first. You have to do it on the exact file you download from this website.

md5 for ClamXav_1.1.1_Universal_e951.dmg is b96c06ecd7a42a26d6089e252370ed8e
md5 for ClamXav_1.1.1_Panther_e942.dmg is e89a2e4dbfad5df7e9f0cb4b07c3c430
md5 for is eed1f6fe95d333712be43227ab4eaf8c
md5 for is fce66807a8e011e52a77001d7a2b9a00


Version History

Version 1.1.1 – 30th August 2008
ClamAV 0.93.3 included – (disk image updated on 14th May 2009 to include ClamAV 0.95.1 No other changes.)

ClamXav specific changes:
Includes engine 0.93.3
Main window and preferences windows remember their positions between launches
Fixed the “there was an error saving preferences” warning
Fixed the dreaded “Where is ClamXav Sentry” bug
Fixed bug which prevented Sentry from starting clamd
Added “NotifyClamd” to freshclam.conf
Under 10.5, the number of infected files found now appears as a badge on the Dock icon
Removed the “Archive Max Ratio” setting in preferences as the ClamAV engine no longer supports it
Increased stability
New Polish localisation
Update to Japanese localisation

Sentry specific changes:
Increased stability
The “move to trash” button now operates correctly, moving files to the volume-specific trash folder
Still uses Growl on 10.4 and 10.5 but doesn’t offer to install it if a user doesn’t already have it
No longer using as many processor cores as ClamAV can grab
Fixed a bug causing lots of threads to start up and consume lots of CPU
Fixed the dreaded “Sentry can’t communicate via /tmp/clamd” error
Recognising if clamd dies and restarting it as required
Fixed a crash when writing to the scan log
Fixed the “too many arguments” crash
Fixed a memory leak

Version 1.1.0 – 23rd January 2008
ClamAV 0.92 included
New 512x512px icons which look great in coverflow in Leopard
ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry are now both using ~ in place of the path to the user’s home directory to facilitate having a default settings file for all users

ClamXav specific changes:
Better support for diacritics and international characters in ClamXav display
ClamXav now reports its own version and the engine’s version number along with definition update date at end of each scan
Main window’s report text may be copied and pasted into other applications
New menu item to check for ClamXav updates in the Application menu
“Launch ClamXav Sentry” menu item moved from the File menu to the Application menu
Preferences and other extraneous dialogs and windows have shed their sheets and brushed metal look
Fixed “no user named ‘xc'” bug in OS X 10.5 Leopard
Fixed issue where “Scan removable volumes” preference wouldn’t stick
Admin password no longer required to modify schedules – means all users can set one for themselves (blame Apple if you think this is a security risk)
Addressed a bug where attempting to write a schedule would fail without warning
Re-reading schedule settings now resets the ‘day’ checkboxes properly
Configuration files for freshclam and clamd are being read in their entirety so as not to overwrite any user defined settings

Sentry specific changes:
All new ClamXav Sentry built from the ground up
Can optionally monitor all subdirectories of whichever folders you tell it to watch (requires 10.4 or greater)
Scans are now logged with the time
Support for Growl
“Save Sentry Preferences” button in ClamXav preferences panel now tells Sentry to restart watching
Sentry menu now waits for all watched folders to become ready before changing the icon to show that it’s watching

Version 1.0.8 – 7th June 2007
ClamAV 0.90.3 included – (disk image updated on 23rd August 2007 to include ClamAV 0.91.2. Installer preserves config files. No other changes.)
Fixed an issue causing long delays at startup if using a newer engine than the one bundled with ClamXav

Version 1.0.7b – 5th March 2007
ClamAV 0.90.1 included – (disk image updated on 22nd April 2007 to include ClamAV 0.90.2 No other changes.)
Fixed issues with scheduling and ClamAV 0.90.x – your scheduled scans will need to be resaved
Fixed the issue which prevented using the Italian localisation.

Version 1.0.7 – 18th February 2007
Added support for ClamAV 0.90
Fixed issue where ClamXav would ask repeatedly for the engine to be installed if the virus definition files had been deleted.
Updates to Danish, Japanese and Taiwanese localisations.

Version 1.0.6 – 29th November 2006
Fixed issue with 0.88.6 on OS X 10.3
Fixed issue where context menu or drag/drop wouldn’t initiate scan if auto-updating virus definitions at launch
Added Chinese localisation

Version 1.0.5 – 22nd November 2006
ClamAV 0.88.6 included
New Finder Contextual Menu (thanks to Thomas Wiesehöfer for his help)
New Icons (you know who you are – thank you)
ClamXav Sentry should now launch properly regardless of where ClamXav is located
Added preferences option to specify setting for “–max-ratio” to avoid “” errors
Schedule settings now load in ClamXav preferences without having to authenticate *
Now also saving schedule settings on OK button being pressed in preferences
Fixed issue of the “scan removable volumes” preference not sticking
Fixed issue where settings in the “additional command line arguments” preference wouldn’t work
German and Italian localisations have returned and we also have a new Taiwanese localisation!

Version 1.0.4 – 3rd September 2006
ClamAV 0.88.4 included
ClamXav and Sentry both now run under OS X Server, using OS X Server’s builtin ClamAV installation
No file extensions are excluded from the scan by default any more
ClamXav no longer hangs whilst checking for new versions if no internet connection exists
Fixed a bug where items wouldn’t be scanned if dropped onto the application icon when ClamXav was not already running

Version 1.0.3h – 9th May 2006
ClamAV engine 0.88.2 included
ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry both run natively on Intel Macs (Many thanks to DGoldsmith on the forums for her help)
No longer takes 100% cpu on launch, especially in background
Fixed bugs which caused vast majority of ClamXav Sentry crashes
For those who care, ClamXav Sentry is now thread-safe which should mean fewer crashes and zombies
Drag and drop works correctly on Dock/Finder icon
Update virus definitions directly from within ClamXav Sentry
ClamXav Sentry uses ignore/include list in ClamXav’s prefs
ClamXav Sentry honours the “scan/don’t scan email files” option
Rearranged ClamXav Sentry menu
Option to allow ClamXav Sentry to quarantine/trash infected files immediately
Delete option is “silent”
Option to open log file automatically after a scheduled scan or definition update
New “Launch ClamXav Sentry” item under ClamXav menu
Additional clamscan command line arguments can be specified in ClamXav preferences
Fixed “file not found error” after each scan
ClamXav check-mail option works properly again – ClamAV engine 0.88 changed the default from “don’t scan mail” to “scan mail”
More obvious warnings about deleting/quarantining email
Documentation now included within the application, not just online

Version 1.0.1 – 18th July 2005
Install buttons work for all languages
ClamXav Sentry’s abort function now works properly
ClamXav Sentry’s “Launch ClamXav” menu item now works regardless of ClamXav location
Added “–quiet” switch to freshclam’s cron item
Added Norwegian translation – thanks to Jo Daniel Aleksandersen
Added Turkish translation – thanks to Kerem Erkan

Version 1.0g – 05th July 2005
Case change from clamXav to ClamXav to bring back in-line with ClamAV
Added Danish localisation – thanks to Sebastian Adorján Dyhr
Added French localisation – thanks to Thomas Robisson
Added German localisation – thanks to Jüergen Schichtel
Drag and Drop
Folder Watching
Watch for and scan removable media upon insertion
Times in schedule pane now displayed as numbers to be easier for non-English speakers
Quarantine option and mbox checking now mutually exclusive – thanks to Filip Vandoorne for the suggestion
Menus correctly enable and disable
New version of ClamAV 0.86.1
ClamAV engine installer now uses Apple’s preferred user/group number
Pre-existing ClamAV user/groups are no longer altered during ClamAV engine install
Ability to use ClamAV installation by Darwinports

Version 0.9.0f – 18th November 2004
New version of clamav 0.80
Check for new ClamXav and engine version on startup
Auto-update definitions on startup
Scheduled scanning and updating – by far the most requested feature!
Able to use any custom installation of ClamAV
Allow non-admin users to update virus definitions – thanks to Barijaona Ramaholimihaso for the tip
Correct permissions on /usr and /usr/local when installing my precompiled engine
Avoid scanning .dmg files
Progress bar
Alert (beep & icon bounce) on virus find
Button to set quarantine folder now separated from checkbox
Textual representation of quarantine folder
Buttons now toggle between start and stop to allow room for “Preferences” button on main window
Version field at bottom of main window showing ClamXav version, engine version and date of most recent definition update
Fixed display problems if never been run before (ie. no prefs file present) and engine hadn’t been installed yet.
Disallow scanning root (/) as it causes the scanning engine to crash or loop endlessly
Virus definition update now shows more accurate/helpful success/error messages
Online Help and Documentation

Version 0.8.7c – 29th September 2004
Fixed minor cosmetic issue caused when log is turned off

Version 0.8.7b – 28th September 2004
Added ability to select multiple files/directories
Added option to exclude specific filename patterns while scanning
Added option to scan only specific patterns
Distribution is now in form of a disk image
Don’t allow ‘quit’ if clamscan or freshclam is still running
Installer should hopefully now run properly with dodgy characters in the path name
-have included a shortcut in case it still doesn’t work!
Main window “Log” section renamed to “Report” to remove confusion with preferences “log” setting
Prefs now in a sheet, conforming to Apple HIG
Prefs sheet opens automatically on first startup – not on subsequent startups
Separate option for scan and update log files
Scan may now be started by command-key shortcut
Start/stop/update menu items throw up dialog box if necessary
Updating no longer clears the log window before showing the update result
Doesn’t waste time scanning stuffit files (ending in .sit and .sitx) – clamscan doesn’t know how to unstuff so can’t actually check the archive’s contents anyway

Version 0.8.6c – 9th September 2004
Added ability to log update results to file
Added Japanese localisation – Thanks to Yuzuru Shiraiwa
Added option to remember if you’re testing a newer version of ClamAV
Currently checking now only displays the file and immediate parent directory
Fixed the majority of hangs/crashes (please let me know if you encounter any, and exactly what you were doing at the time)
Improved support for localising into other languages (please let me know if you’re willing to help with this)
New icon – finally! 🙂 Thanks to Stewart Graff
Remembers last scanned directory – autofill on startup
Saves prefs – logging to file and quarantine directory
Uses Apple’s package installer to install the ClamAV engine
Warns if a virus is found within a mailbox (as opposed to being an attachment)
Works with current standard distribution from Fink – version 0.75-3
Works with most recent version – v0.75.1 (with minor changes – see instructions on ClamXav 1st startup)


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